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Al Charest


  • Veteran Photojournalist
  • Olympic & International Experience 
  • Sports Photos & Video
  • Event & Business Shoots
  • Helping Businesses Be Visible

What I am really good at:

Sports!  I’ve spent 30+ years shooting hockey, football, skiing, golf, biking and pretty much every sport under the sun or a roof.

I have had the pleasure of shooting several conferences and events including celebrities like Randy Jackson and speakers from Google. I have also helped businesses with interior, exterior and staff profiles images they can use on their websites and social media.

I have a special passion for skiing and mountain biking.  I could spend every day on my bike or my boards.  My pictures have been the feature shots for the ski pages of the Calgary Sun & Calgary Herald for over 30 years.  

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PS…I am now selling pictures and videos on Shutterstock.  Link and feed coming soon.  

Interested in chatting how I can help you with some photography or videography?


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